Discovery Centre Leads National Climate Change Project

As part of a $37.8 million Climate Action and Awareness Fund, the Government of Canada is investing $6 million toward a youth-focused climate change project, coined GenAction, led by Discovery Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The goal of GenAction programming is to reach 200,000 kindergarten to grade twelve youth, nationally, inspiring them to take climate action. Twenty-nine science centres across Canada will use the funds to create and deliver GenAction climate change engagement programs in their region, targeting youth in every province and territory.

GenAction climate change programming, such as school programs, camps, outreach, and other hands-on locally relevant activities, aims to help youth understand current and credible climate change science, transform their thinking, and inspire them to take action. GenAction programming is targeting to reach 200,000 kindergarten to grade 12 youth and more than 5,000 Indigenous youth in their communities, with a focus on affecting daily actions that will collectively contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

On Earth Day 2022, Discovery Centre announced that it has begun implementing GenAction workshops, focused on climate action, for schools and its camps. As part of the GenAction initiative, they are also involved in organizing an extensive two-day Youth Climate Action Retreat at the end of June at the Historic Thinkers Lodge, and a Nova Scotia Public Libraries Summer Tour in July and August. Discovery Centre’s programming will provide youth with the tools to continue being leaders in the fight against climate change within their communities.

With a reach of over 10 million visitors annually, science centres and museums continue to play an important role in teaching youth to be critical thinkers and change makers on important issues like climate change.


“The fight against climate change is a multigenerational task and today’s kids are eager to answer the call. GenAction will provide Canadian youth with the resources they need be part of the urgent work that lies ahead to protect the planet they’ll one day inherit. The Government of Canada is proud to support this project as GenAction partners empower the next generation of climate scientists and environmental leaders to stand up for their future.”

  • Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“As a proven leader in creating innovative science-based opportunities for youth, Discovery Centre is proud to lead the national GenAction initiative with our partners. STEAM education and awareness is vital to what we do at Discovery Centre and equips youth with the tools needed for a more sustainable and healthier future for our planet. GenAction aims to inspire youth coast to coast on the importance of climate actions and Discovery Centre is proudly at the centre of delivering that mission.”

  • Dov Bercovici, President and CEO, Discovery Centre

“Members of the Canadian Association of Science Centres are taking a collaborative approach to empower over 200,000 youth across Canada to take action against climate change in their home communities. As trusted sources of current and reliable science information, science centres and museums are the natural place for youth and their families to learn about how to mitigate climate change and to connect to the national GenAction movement.”

  • Marianne Mader, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Science Centres



  • Today’s youth will be the next generation of leaders, policy influencers, and engaged citizens who will be essential to enabling Canada to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In collaboration with nearly 30 science centres across Canada, GenAction is aimed to increase youths’ understanding of climate change science, empower them to take action on climate change, and inspire them to become leaders in climate action now and into the future. The collective goal is to inspire 200,000 youth, grades Kindergarten to 12, by 2024.Discovery Centre leads the national GenAction project with their partners the Canadian Association of Science Centres, Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, and The Exploration Place in Prince George, British Columbia.
  • Discovery Centre is an award-winning interactive science museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose mission is to stimulate interest, enjoyment and understanding of science and technology.

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