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Our trained and talented educators will make learning fun through live virtual classroom visit and class-favourite hands-on science workshops. Register today for one of our curriculum-connected experiences while availability lasts.   


Take part in our curriculum-connected workshops led by our Science Educators, from the comfort of your classroom! Workshops are designed for a maximum of 30 participants and are hosted over Zoom.

Ask us about discounts for multiple workshops at your school! 

PP-Grade 2

Creature Detective

Students will become detectives and investigate a mystery creature (psst- the Red Wiggler worm!) Learn what it means to be a living thing, how different animals compare and how they interact with the environment. This interactive workshop is tiered by grade to student learning objectives and abilities.

Class kit includes prepared craft materials to create a paper worm that can be ‘fed’ (gr. PP-P) or a paper worm habitat and mini worm puppet (gr. 1-2).

30-minutes | $125

Science Primary - Life Science: Living Things

Science 1 - Life Science: Need of Living Things

Science 2 - Life Science: Animal Growth and Changes

Grade 2-6

We’re ‘Wheely’ Moving!

How can we make something move? How should we join materials together? What simple machines are essential for rolling and how do they work? We’re Wheely Moving challenges students to complete two engineering tasks tiered to their grade level, while also considering forces at play. This fast-paced motion-packed workshop encourages students to think about purpose and design as they build and test their own car.

Class kit includes a set of materials to make a wheel and axle pair, sticks and construction paper for each student, and a roll of masking tape. Required supplies that are not included are recyclables for each student to use as a body for their car, scissors, and a surface with supports to act as a ramp.

1-hour | $175

Grade 2,3 & 5

Science 2 - Physical Science: Motion

Science 3 - Physical Science: Structures

Science 5 - Physical Science: Forces and Simple Machines

Grade 6

Earth to Orbit

Journey into the night sky to learn about the Earth, Moon, and constellations in this space exploration workshop! Students will investigate technology used in space exploration, including work happening right now in Atlantic Canada, and embark on a mission to design and assemble their very own crafty Cube Satellite.

Class kit includes cardstock cube satellite template for each student, stickers, and paper cut-outs for decoration. Required supply that is not included is a glue stick for each student.

1-hour | $175

Science 6 – Earth and Space Science: Space

Grade 6 & 9

Silly Circuits

Did you know a pickle could be part of a circuit? Explore current electricity through series, parallel and silly circuits – anything from fruit to a fork! During this workshop students will compare conductors and insulators using conventional, silly, and surprising materials. Students are challenged to apply what they learned and assemble their own artistic paper circuit to light up an LED!

Class kit includes parallel circuit templates, LEDs, copper tape, and a battery. All individually packaged per student. Required supplies that are not included are scissors and drawing/coloring supplies.

1-hour | $175

Science 6 - Physical Science: Electricity

Science 9 - Characteristics of Electricity

Grade 4

Geology Rocks!

The rock cycle, 3 main rocks categories, and the many uses of rocks and minerals come to life in this 1-hour workshop.  Students use real rock samples as they undergo investigations and gain insights into the Earth and it’s abundance of rocks


Science 4: Rocks, minerals and erosion

Included with the price of booking: 

  • Tech Check session (optional) with Discovery Centre Science Educator before the program to ensure a high-quality classroom experience 
  • Hands-on science workshop materials, mailed or delivered by Discovery Centre staff to your school, depending on workshop selection 

Classroom requirements: 

  • Stable internet connection 
  • Laptop or PC with microphone and webcam 
  • Class-facing speakers and screen/projector
  • Access to Zoom. Please let us know if your school cannot use Zoom, we are happy to accommodate.

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