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GET UP, TRY AGAIN, PUSH FURTHER!  Welcome to the thrilling world of extreme sports. Visitors are challenged to jump, fly, dive, and climb while exploring some of the riskiest activities in the world.

Beyond Human Limits immerses visitors in a variety of engaging and exciting sports in their natural environments. They can virtually race the backcountry slopes, balance along a highline, trace in the footsteps of a parkour athlete, or discover what it’s like to pilot a wingsuit. Younger visitors can test their climbing skills, experiment with downhill curves, or imagine themselves suspended on a mountainside snuggled into a portaledge. Visitors of all ages will delight in capturing themselves in an upside-down halfpipe photo and relish the mental challenge of remaining calm and focused under intense pressure.

Throughout the exhibition, passionate athletes explain their individual motivations, training, and resilience. Visitors can evaluate their own desire for thrill and adventure then compare their sensation-seeking score to the featured athletes. Beyond Human Limits emphasizes that for extreme athletes facing risks is secondary to the personal fulfillment they find by pursuing their passions. Visitors will leave inspired to push themselves to their own personal limits.

This featured exhibit will be available until Spring 2022.

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