Featured Exhibit: Amazing Butterflies

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Amazing Butterflies, created by The Natural History Museum in London in collaboration with Minotaur Mazes, invites you to shrink down into the undergrowth to become one of the most extraordinary creatures on earth.  

In Amazing Butterflies, visitors will experience the surprising challenges of being a caterpillar as it morphs into a beautiful butterfly through an interactive maze of larger-than-life leaves, grass and trees. Along the way, they’ll discover the ways caterpillars move, what they eat and how other creatures help them achieve their transformation into a butterfly. 

The adventure begins as a caterpillar, but as visitors make their way through the maze and the transformation, they’ll stamp their souvenir garden cards at eight stations before zooming out of the maze as a butterfly on ‘The Monarch Monorail’! Visitors must navigate the terrain filled with challenges around every twist and turn, take on puzzles, games and exciting interactivities. But beware. The maze includes dead-ends, down which, lurks poisonous plants and predators waiting to pounce. Choose the right route and emerge as a beautiful butterfly. 

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