Little Learners Little Learners

Little Learners

Friday, September 22, 10:00am – 11:00am

A little science can go a long way!

Our Little Learners program brings fun, hands-on learning to the youngest of minds. We’ll engage tots and toddlers with interactive activities that introduce basic science concepts, kick-start cognitive thinking, and encourage dynamic play.

Zip! Zap! You can’t always see it, but energy is everywhere. Join us as we explore the many different types of energy through science, hands-on games, and crafts. Plus take in Science Literacy Week GenAction activities in the centre. It’s going to be electric!

Registration Required:

This program is intended for children ages 2 to 5 and is included in the price of admission.

At Home Little Learners:

Little Learners: Germ Journey

Germ Journey

Little Learners: Whale Calves

Bryden Bone & Curtis Martin

Bryden is a Marine Conservation Biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and an Ocean Bridge Ambassador with Ocean Wise. Originally from Winnipeg, the sea called him out east where he continues to live in Halifax and advocate for healthy and equitable use of the oceans.

Curtis is an ocean scientist and communicator working at the Ocean Frontier Institute in Halifax. He has studied in all three of Canada’s oceans and loves to share science through his podcast Act on Science.

Ocean Acidification with Leah

Little Learners: Dino Days

Ichnofossil Cookies

Celebrate Dinosaur Day with your Little Learner by making fossil cookies! And not just any kind of fossil cookies, but ichnofossil cookies. Ichnofossils, or “trace” fossils, are formed from the activities of ancient life rather from their bodies or parts like bones, scales, or teeth. Ichnofossils include things like poop, footprints, body or skin impressions, and scratches from claws or tails being dragged in mud. Click the button to learn more and get the recipe!

Dr. Victoria Arbour, Royal BC Museum

Dr. Victoria Arbour from the Royal BC Museum shares her love of dinosaurs with a video about the process of looking for fossils!

Make a Dinosaur Model or Skeleton

Use items around your house to make a giant dinosaur model or skeleton! You can use toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, or even pens or pencils! Let’s see what you can create!

You can also make a dinosaur out of a paper plate!

The Canada Crew Talk Dinosaurs

Watch Bebe and Mo from the Canada Crew discover a bone and invite Royal Ontario Museum’s paleontologist David Evans to check if it’s a dinosaur bone!

Kinetic Sand Dinosaur Eggs

Make dinosaur eggs with kinetic sand and plastic Easter eggs! Check out our BiteSize size page for the kinetic sand recipe!

Urban Fossils with Nova Scotia Museums

In a walk around your neighbourhood can you spot an urban fossil – like a leaf impression or bird trackway in the cement?

Little Learners: For the Birds

Andrea Miller Reads My First Book of Canadian Birds

Andrea Miller is the author of My First Book of Canadian Birds which has just been released and can be purchased via Wozzles online! Andrea, and her two adorable children, read this story to share with all the children participating in the Little Learners: For the Birds event. Tell us your favourite bird via the Discovery Centre’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Andrea Miller shares My First Book of Canadian Birds by permission of Nimbus Publishing.

Angela Doak Makes a Bird Collage

Angela Doak is the artist who made all the wonderful illustrations seen in Andrea’s book “My First Book of Canadian Birds.” Angela has a wonderful way of incorporating sustainability into her art pieces by using used cards, papers, and food wrappers to make the birds seen in the Canadian Birds book. In this video, Angela shares some of her tips and tricks on how you can make your own bird collage from scrapes you find around your home. Please post pictures and videos of your bird collages, paintings, or sketches with us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #ArtofBirds.

Sarah Kingsbury Reads The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs

Sarah Kingsbury is the Science Experience & Volunteer Coordinator at the Discovery Centre. Sarah is also finishing her master degree at Saint Mary’s University and typically studies aquatic invasive species, but she likes birds too. Sarah and her daughter, Amelia, read a few pages of their favourite bird book “The Little Book of Woodland Bird Songs”, and invite you to share your favourite bird book with the Discovery Centre by posting a picture of it and tagging us on Facebook or Twitter.

Becky Parker, Young Naturalists Club of Nova Scotia- All About Chickadees

Becky is the organizer of our local Young Naturalists Club (YNC). YNC is a group of youth that learn to identify plants and animals that are found in Nova Scotia. In Becky’s video, we learn all about chickadees that you will find while doing your own backyard birding! Tell us what your favourite thing about nature by posting it and tagging the Discovery Centre and YNC on Facebook or Twitter.

Maheshi Dharmasiri, Saint Mary's University- A Symphony of Bird Song

Maheshi is a graduate student at Saint Mary’s University under supervisor Dr. Colleen Barber. Maheshi studies the European Starling, a common bird we see around Nova Scotia! In Maheshi’s video, A Symphony of Bird Song, she explains the different parts of the European Starling’s song. If you listen with your window open or sit outside for a while, you’re sure to hear these birds singing. Share with us a clip of your favourite bird song by tagging us on  Facebook or Twitter.

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