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Our Team

The Discovery Centre is fortunate to have a strong, skilled and dedicated management team joined by a talented roster of staff members to support the day-to-day operations of the Centre. Please feel free to contact any one of our team members for more information or with your questions. Interested in joining our team? Find our open positions here.

Dov Bercovici

Linda Laurence

Jennifer Punch

Ryan Jameson

Ruth Munro

Helen Dolan

Marcos Miranda

Leah Veinot

Jamie Franzmann

Daria Goncharova

Sarah Alguire

Carly Levy

Jillian Phillips

Adam Brown

Andrew Howe

Japna Sidhu-Brar

Josh Bulgin

Priya Gupta

Alyssa Giles

Kiandra Mullen

Amanda Bigiolli

Chenille Callender

Jahsara Gardner

Rhea Gupta

Ethan Jones

Lexi Hall

Lizzy Hall

Will Cool-Gaudin

Exhibit Specialist

Roger Kent

Chris McDonald

John Eaton

John EatonExhibit Specialist
ext. 2245

Kyle Sveinson

Margaret Campbell

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