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Our Science in the Centre program provides curriculum-connected workshops in a hands-on, minds-on learning environment that gives students the confidence to take part in class discussions and feel accomplished and inspired to further their own learning.


Take part in our award winning, hands-on workshops, led by our Science Educators. Workshops are designed for a maximum of 30 participants. 

Grades PP-PR

Creature Detective

Students will become detectives and investigate a mystery creature (psst – the Red Wiggler worm!) Learn what it means to be a living thing and how different animals compare. This interactive workshop gives learners a glimpse into the life of a composting worm and is followed up with a hands-on craft to create their very own pet worm.


Science Primary - Life Science: Living Things

Grade 1

Storm Structures

Considering a variety of materials, learners are challenged to work together to design and build a structure that will weather an oncoming storm! Learners are encouraged to consider the needs of living things and flex their problem-solving skills to keep the inhabitant, safe, dry, and warm. This fun and fast-paced workshop brings creativity, innovation and critical thinking to life!


Science 1 – Physical Science: Materials, Objects, and Devices

Grades 1 & 2

Once Upon a Worm

Learn what it’s like to live like a worm! Once upon a Worm takes a dive into the life of a Red Wiggler to learn about their senses and what they need to grow, survive, and thrive in their environment. Guided by our science educators, students will work in small groups to observe, and if comfortable, handle our live Red Wiggler worms.


Science 1- Life Science: Needs of Living Things

Science 2 - Life Science: Animal Growth and Changes

Grades 2-3

We’re Wheely Moving

How can we make something move? How should we join materials together? What simple machines are essential for rolling and how do they work? Wheely Moving challenges students to complete two engineering tests tiered to their grade level, while also considering forces at play. This fast-paced motion-packed workshop encourages students to think about purpose and design as they build and test their own car.


Grade 2 - Physical Science: Motion

Science 3 - Physical Science: Structures

Grade 3

Bridging the Gap

Students explore the art and science of architecture by learning about four different bridge designs (arch, truss, suspension, and beam). Working in small teams,  students will construct an arch bridge from blueprints, learn what factors can result in structural failure, and complete an engineering challenge to design and build a paper bridge to support the most weight!


Science 3 - Physical Science: Structures

Grade 3

Float the Boat

Raise your sails to explore water displacement and shipbuilding. Grade 3 Bluenosers’ will race to complete engineering and design challenges in this workshop. Is your boat built for speed or built to haul and more importantly built to float?


Science 3 - Physical Science: Structures

Grade 3

May the Forces Be With You

May the Forces be With You! 

Invisible forces are all around us! Through this hands-on workshop, students learn what causes these pushes and pulls. Magnets are used to discover attraction and repulsion and the Van de Graaff generator is used to dive deeper into these forces through hard-raising and shocking experiences! 


Science 3 – Invisible Forces

Grade 4

Geology Rocks!

Rocks, minerals, and their uses come to life in this hands-on workshop. Students undergo hands-on investigations to classify real geological samples and gain insights into the dynamics of Earth’s crust through the rock cycle! 


Science 4 – Earth and Space Science: Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

Grade 4

Sounds of Science

Make some noise exploring the science of sound. Using everything from Slinkys to tuning forks to resonating bowls, students will learn how sounds travel as waves and are affected by different materials. Through hands-on, ears-on activities, students will learn to identify the transmitter, medium, and receiver needed to make a sound.


Science 4 – Physical Science: Sound

Grade 5

Slimy Science

Be prepared to get slimed as we explore the properties of matter. Students get messy as they conduct experiments on physical and chemical changes to matter. This 1-hour workshop has a fun take home for students.


Science 5 - Physcial Science: Chemical and Physical Properties

Grades 5 & 8

Digestive Drama

Join one of our educators for a visceral guided tour of the digestive tract and your breakfast’s journey through it. This 45-minute interactive show gets everyone participating in following food from the beginning to the very end of the digestive system.


Science 5 - Life Science: Healthy Body

Science 8 – Life Science: Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems

Science 8 Renewed - Healthy Cells, Healthy Systems (Cell Specialization)

Grade 6

Earth to Orbit: Climate CubeSats

Journey into Earth’s orbit to gain a new perspective on the changing climate of our planet. Students will investigate technology used in space exploration, including work happening right now in Atlantic Canada, and embark on a mission to design and assemble their very own crafty Cube Satellite. 


Science 6 - Earth and Space Science: Space

Grade 6

Capture the Wind

Learners are challenged to put the wind to work and generate electricity using a wind turbine. Working in small groups, learners will apply their knowledge of forces to engineer and test turbine blades that will drive an electric generator. When faced with the heavy winds of a leaf blower, students will measure their turbine’s electricity output to determine which is most powerful.


Science 6 - Physical Science Electricity (Methods of Generating Electricity)

Grade 6

Electric Odyssey

Explore current static electricity in this jam-packed 1-hour workshop. Groups of students are challenged to hook up simple, series and parallel circuits on our circuit boards. Students get an up-close look at how positive static electricity can be with the Van de Graaff generator.


Science 6 - Physical Science: Electricity

Grade 6

Why Fly?

Why can planes go up, up, and away? Learners will explore this question through discussing the four forces of flight, air pressure, and Bernoulli’s principle. Applying what they’ve learned, students are challenged to create their own flying object that will lift off in our vertical flight tunnel.


Science 6 - Physical Science: Flight

Grade 7 & 8

Heat of the Moment

Things heat up in this workshop, which covers the three ways heat is transferred. Student groups are on a mission to battle heat loss and construct the most efficient home. Houses are tested with an infrared camera and design efforts are compared.


Science 7 – Physical Science: Heat

Science 7 Renewed - Engineering Structures

Science 8 Renewed - Climate Change (Heat Transfer & Heat Capacity of Materials)

Science 8 Renewed - Climate Change (Heat Transfer & Heat Capacity of Materials)

Efficiency NS

Specialty Workshops

Grade 4

Cast the Past

Take your tech education to the moon with Sphero RVRs! This workshop exposes students to simple computer coding and engineering concepts linked to space exploration. Groups will be challenged to think like astronauts and computer programmers, using block code and basic physics to complete a series of challenges in our mission to colonize the Moon!

1-hour; specialty workshop.

Science 4 - Earth and Space Science: Rocks and Minerals (Fossil Formation)

Grades 6, 9-12

Lunar Bots

Take your tech education to the moon with Sphero RVRs! This workshop exposes learners to computer coding and engineering concepts linked to space exploration. Groups will be challenged to think like astronauts and computer programmers, using block code and basic physics to complete a series of challenges in our mission to colonize the Moon!  

1-hour; specialty workshop.

Science 6 - Space Exploration

Science 9 - Science Exploration

Grade 10-12 - Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment (STSE)

Grades 8 & 11

Under the Microscope

Students will go microscopic as they learn about the differences between plant and animal cells, through an introduction to light microscopy. Students will learn how to prepare slides of plant tissue and will compare their results to the structures seen within animal cells (human cheek cells). Learners will get a basic introduction to cell structure and organelle function, lab drawings, and how to calculate microscope magnification. *Allergy precaution – onions are used in this workshop* 

1-hour; specialty workshop.

Science 8 – Life Science: Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems

Science 8 Renewed– Healthy Cells Healthy Systems (Plant and Animal Cells, Cellular Organelles)

Biology 11 - Matter and Energy for Life (The Cell; Interaction of Cell Structures)

Grades 8, 11 & 12

Eye Lights

Shine up your lens and get ready to dissect a real eyeball. In this hands-on workshop, students will learn about the structures that make vision possible, why we have a natural blind spot, and how the structures dissected compare to the features of human eyes. Depending on availability of specimens, eyes used may be of the sheep, cow, or pig variety.  

1-hour; specialty workshop: must book 3-weeks in advance

Grade 8 - Physical Science: Optics

Biology 11 - Biodiversity:Diversity Among Living Things

Physics 11 - Waves: Electromagnetic Radiation

Biology 12 - Nervous System: Neurons and Structure

Dome Theatre

Explore the vastness of space, take a trip through the stars or experience the best seats to a meteor shower in our fully immersive Dome Theatre. Maximum 65 people including chaperones.

Live Star Shows

Led by a presenter, you will be able to observe the cosmos, ask questions and learn about the latest discoveries in astronomy!


Look Up

Join us as we look up at the Halifax sky and discover what’s out in space and why the night is so dark. Prepare for take-off as we go on a 20-minute adventure to explore twinkling stars and our favourite neighbour, the Moon!


Pre-Primary- Patterns and Shapes

Grades PR-3

To Every Season

Explore the changes happening all around you, as the sun goes down and the stars come out! Join us as we find patterns in the sky, learn about what creates a day and the seasons, and how these cycles affect other living things and our environment.


Science 1 & 2 - Patterns & Relations, Sequencing, Weather

Grades 5-8

Space Case

Settle in as we investigate how the Earth’s position and motion in space drives our daily, seasonal and lunar cycles. We’ll also consider humanity’s deep historical and cultural connections with the stars, the planets and the Moon.


Science 6 - Dayparts, Seasons, Cultural Connections

Grades 9-12

Beyond the Solar System

Have you ever wondered how our Solar System formed? Or why stars are so hot? What lies beyond the Earth and our cosmic neighbourhood? Join us as we boldly go through space in search of the answers to these cosmic questions!


Science 8-12 - Theories of formation, Aspects of the Universe, Time and Space & Technology

Full Dome Films

Go beyond the confines of traditional cinema with our immersive fulldome films, as images fly overhead and behind you.

One World, One Sky


Follow characters from Sesame Street as they take an imaginary trip to the Moon, where they discover how different it is from Earth.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

Backyard Wilderness

Grades PR-5

Spanning a seasonal year around a suburban home, the film displays a stunning array of unique wildlife images and behaviour. Available in English and French.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

Cosmic Adventure

Grades 1-6

Take a roller coaster ride from the moon through our solar system, our galaxy, and beyond.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

Beyond the Sun

Grades 3-6 & 9

Become exoplanet hunters, uncovering lonely rogue planets, oceanic worlds, and even super-Earths. Available in French and English

26-minutes | Watch Trailer

Edge of Darkness

Grades 6-8

Immerse yourself in ground-breaking discoveries from the past 5 years of space exploration.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

The Sun, Our Living Star

Grades 6-9

Discover the secrets of our star, the sun, and experience never-before-seen images of the Sun’s violent surface.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer 

Secret Lives of Stars

Grades 6 & 9

Witness the outstanding variety of stars and peer into their secret lives.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

Magnetism: Defending our Planet, Defining the Cosmos

Grades 9-12

Magnetism is all around, and you’ll discover how this powerful, misunderstood force shields oceans from solar winds and how scientists trying to understand the connection between the Earth and the Sun.

30-minutes | Watch Trailer

School trips and Education program rates policy:

  1. Teachers and chaperones attending a school trip are admission free, includes attending any programs and shows.
  2. Payment is due the date of your visit and can be made via cash, credit, debit or check made payable to the Discovery Centre. We can not invoice schools for payment after a visit. 
  3. For cancellations, a $50 administrative fee for visits cancelled less than 72 hours notice, with no potential for re-booking. The full cost of your visit as shown on your confirmation will be charged upon arrival unless you notify us by e-mail or telephone of any changes, increases or decreases in numbers, by 4 p.m. one week prior to your visit.
  4. Memberships are not valid for school programs and field trips.


  • Confirm your booking by reviewing the Booking Confirmation form sent to you by the School Bookings coordinator.
  • Confirm all chaperones or parents and provide them with a schedule for the day.
  • Remind students to leave valuable items at home.


  • Discuss rules of conduct with your students and make sure parent volunteers are aware of their role.
  • Check in at the front desk by updating the number of students and parents.
  • Have students place their belongings in the coat room.

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