Our Values

Our Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility

The Discovery Centre’s mission is to bring STEAM to life through fun and interactive learning experiences. We are committed to leveraging our facility, people, and programming to create inclusive spaces that ignite a passion for science and discovery. We are also committed to advancing diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility practices within our workplace, public engagement spaces, and programming.

The Discovery Centre’s Board of Directors, management, and staff believe diverse participation and representation are essential and that our networks thrive when we create an inclusive and equitable culture where all people can see themselves reflected, feel respected, and have their contributions valued. We believe that people of all cultures, creeds, ethnicities, genders, races, sexual orientations, and socio-economic status are important and we are committed to being an anti-racist and discrimination-free workplace and public engagement space.

We are embarking on an organizational assessment which will examine recruitment, training, and management strategies; policies, practices, and programs; as well as brand representation. We will listen and learn from stakeholders and representatives of various communities to mobilize a full spectrum of ideas, perspectives, and talent to challenge ourselves to build a framework for learning, accountability, and change. This, in addition to further research, collaboration and training, is crucial to allow us to be fully aware of what is required to create a fully inclusive, barrier-free environment for all.

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