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The Bill & Janet Murphy Ocean Gallery

The newest addition to the Discovery Centre, The Bill & Janet Murphy Ocean Gallery explores the essential role the Ocean plays in the welfare of our planet through wet, wild, and wondrous interactive exhibits.

Diving into topics like the Water Cycle, Climate Change, Ocean Exploration, and Marine Ecosystems, the Ocean Gallery provides a deeper understanding of how the ocean impacts us and how we impact the ocean, locally and at large.

Highlights of The Bill & Janet Murphy Ocean Gallery include:

  • Water and Weather: Learn about all the wonderful ways water moves and changes. Put together our Storm Puzzle, ‘sea’ the beauty of ice crystals, go with the flow of our Stream Table, and even ‘make it rain’!
  • Climate Change: Discover climate change contributors and follow their impacts around the globe as you navigate our glowing Puffersphere.
  • Wet Lab: Experiment with what it’s like to be a real ocean scientist! Check out whale bones, our Water Sample Station, and awesome Video Microscope!
  • The Last Frontier: Dive deep into the latest and greatest technology used by ocean explorers.
  • Touch Pool: Get up-close with many of the invertebrates commonly found along the shores of Nova Scotia. Sea stars, urchins, molluscs, and more!
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