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Innovation Lab

Become an inventor, builder, designer or anything you can imagine!

Every day is different in the Michelin Corporate Foundation Innovation Lab. One day you might tinker with code and the next you might turn a circuit into a work of art! It’s a space for exploring new ideas and rethinking old ones, all while developing the skills that drive innovation.

Here in the Innovation lab, you can: 

  • Draw inspiration from real-world examples, enthusiastic staff, and skilled volunteers.
  • Use a variety of tools, materials, and techniques to bring your wildest ideas to life.
  • Explore the creative side of coding with the Scratch Cat!
  • Make a blockbuster animation, create a gaming sensation, or learn to program real-world sensors and motors.
  • Watch the 3D printers while it prints off fun creations we’ve set up.
  • Create a circuit connection, as small or as large of a chain as you can.
  • Build a rocket and launch it into the sky!

Drop-in activities are free with admission and open to everyone, primarily ages 8 & up.

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