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RBC Someday Street

The RBC Someday Street is a magical place for toddlers and young children to imagine, invent, discover and learn in a safe, full-bodied play environment. Here, kids engage in immersive play in a variety of settings. Parents can choose to jump in and play along or sit back, relax and watch the fun unfold in the visitors’ lounge.

Suggested age: 8 and under

Take a stroll down the street and discover:

  • The Town Clock: Explore the many ways we tell time.
  • Construction Zone: Build. Destroy. Repeat.
  • The Toddler Port: The perfect place to discover all your senses.
  • Family Farm: Milk a cow, plant a garden, and ride a tractor.
  • The Market: Have fun as a shopper, cashier or restocking clerk!
  • Theatre: Become an actor, director, stage manager or conductor and put on a show!
  • Art Studio: Explore colours, patterns and shapes.
  • Health Centre: Play a doctor or nurse and give a stuffy its check-up and medical care.
  • Bubble Park: A classic favourite brought back for even more bubble fun!

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