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IMP Aerospace Flight Gallery

The IMP Aerospace Flight Gallery allows the spirit to soar and the mind to explore in a unique and dynamic space.

Visitors will learn all about the forces of flight, lift, weight, thrust and drag, design and flight test their own planes, make objects hover mid-air, investigate a real aircraft, and practice flying first-hand with our incredibly realistic simulated flight experiences.

Highlights of the IMP Aerospace Flight Gallery include:

  • Piper J-3 Cub Plane: Learn what it takes to be an aircraft maintenance technician and how it feels to be a pilot sitting in the cockpit of this real airplane.
  • Bernoulli Blower: Discover how a difference in air pressure helps flight
  • Rotor Cycle: Use your own pedalling power to spin and lift a helicopter blade.
  • Flight Launcher: Test the success of your own flying creations by sending them shooting across the gallery.
  • Piper Super Cub Flight Simulator: Start in the sky over Halifax and use your flight stick, throttle and gauges to pitch and roll over the province in this single-engine bush airplane.
  • Beechcraft Baron Flight Simulator: Pilots should prepare for take-off at Halifax Stanfield Airport for this more challenging and powerful flight experience outfitted with yoke, pedals, flaps and trim control, landing gear and instrument panel with GPS map.

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