PD Day Camps

Discover many incredible STEAM-themed, one-day camps for campers 5-12 years old. Our PD Day camps are highly educational and interactive lead by our skilled team of STEAM Facilitators. Our PD Day camps inspire youth with a variety of topics like space, the ocean, superheros and more! With fun, hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, your kids will want to keep coming back. Register today, these camps will fill up fast!

Brain Busting Puzzles

October 25, 2019

Mind-bending challenges await in this camp designed to puzzle the best problem solvers. Put your skills to the test with an exciting twist on classic Rubik’s Cube challenges, explore a labyrinth of scientific riddles and whodunits, and learn how to create your own puzzles to challenge your friends and family!

Digital Discovery Day Camp

November 22, 2019 | Ages 9-14

Dive into the coding, hardware, and creative teamwork that drives the development of today’s tech. Meet and work one-on-one with professionals from Nova Scotia’s booming digital industry. This camp is a collaborative partnership between Discovery Centre and Digital Nova Scotia. 

A Day in the Life 

November 22, 2019

What do Oceanographers, Seismologists, Metallurgists, or Zoologists do?  What will you be when you grow up?  You will not pick a career if you never knew it existed!   Be prepared to sample careers and explore fields of science known and unknown.

Astronaut Adventures

November 28, 2019

Chris Hadfield dreamed as a child of becoming an astronaut and thinking up ways to prepare himself. He thought “astronauts fly, so I’m going to become an air cadet and learn to fly”. Let’s prepare for blast-off! What will we need? Join our camp for an out-of-this-world adventure exploring languages, solving puzzles, and working as a part of Discovery Centre’s junior astronaut team.

Fable, Fantasy and the Facts

March 25, 2020

We’ll separate fact from fiction in your favorite books and fables with a little scientific investigation. Can the average person leap tall buildings in a single bound like a comic book hero? Could a tortoise really race a rabbit? Besides rain and snow is it possible for meatballs to fall from the sky? Put on your critical thinking hats as we read between the lines

Music Notes

April 2, 2020

Bop, sway, whistle away.   Listen up campers, this day has a dance-party feel but the turntables are spinnin’ up science. Evidence of the world first known instruments, to birds in cages, to radios, and rock n’ roll, you won’t want to miss a beat. How have inventions aided and created the music we know and love? Can music connect us to feelings, memory, or culture? We aim for resounding experiences.

  • Non-members: $50
  • Members: $45
AGE RANGES 5 -7 years & 8 – 12 years
TIME 9am-5pm

Please note: if there is no button, registration is full. Only a limited number of spots are available for each age category.

Drop off and Pick up

  • Regular Drop off 8-9am
  • Pick up 4-5pm

Please note that parents will need to sign-in their children each morning at admissions. Discovery Centre closes at 5:00pm and parents are required to pick up their children no later than 5:00pm.

What to Bring
Please provide your camper with a big lunch, two snacks, a water bottle and sneakers.

The Emergency Contact Form will be sent via email upon registration. They can be submitted in person or via fax/email. Please make sure to notify us of any allergies or special medical needs.

Refund Policy
Cancellations must be received 14 business days prior to the registered camp to receive a full refund.  Medical reasons that are supported by a doctor’s note will be the exception.  Within 14-21 days of initial request, refunds will be processed.

Trash or Treasure 

May 15, 2020

After spring thaw occurs does it surprise you how much litter is revealed? What are single use plastics? What are the 3Rs and what small changes in our lives can make a big impact? Where does the garbage go on collections day? What innovative things can we do with trash? We encourage you to pack a litter-less lunch. Waste not want not.

Circus of STEAM

June 29, 2020

When did circus’ start?  How does learning STEAM help with your act? Juggle, balance, and deduce facts from fiction in these traveling entertainment shows. Fire, magic, smoke and mirrors paired with fascinating trained animals, acrobatics records and daring tricks. Perform the science that enables such incredible feats. Clowning around is required but keep a sharp eye not fall for distractions and illusions.

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