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Teachers and chaperones are free of charge when attending a class trip at the Discovery Centre. Please make sure to place the correct number of teachers and students that will be attending your class trip on your booking form. Rates are subject to change.

Centre Visit (All grades) $6.00
Centre Visit (Teachers and Chaperones)FREE
Student rate (PP-12)
Workshops $4:00
Specialty Workshops$5.50 (HST will be applies to all grade 8-12 visits)
Student rate (P-G7/G8-12)
Live Star Show$5:00
Film $2.50 (HST will be applies to all grade 8-12 visits)
Initial Program fee includes 2 workshops aor a whole school Demo$300
Add-on 30 minute workshop$60
Add-on 45-60 minute workshop$100
Whole School Demo$150
Initial booking (4 sessions, 30-minutes each)$300
Add-on sessions$60
Virtual Workshops
Creature Detective$130
We’re Wheely Moving$180
Earth to Orbit$180
Silly Circuits$180


School trips and Education program rates policy:

  1. Teachers and chaperones attending a school trip are admission free, includes attending any programs and shows.
  2. Payment is due the date of your visit and can be made via cash, credit, debit or check made payable to the Discovery Centre. We can not invoice schools for payment after a visit. 
  3. For cancellations, a $50 administrative fee for visits cancelled less than 72 hours notice, with no potential for re-booking. The full cost of your visit as shown on your confirmation will be charged upon arrival unless you notify us by e-mail or telephone of any changes, increases or decreases in numbers, by 4 p.m. one week prior to your visit.
  4. Memberships are not valid for school programs and field trips.
  5. Rates apply for groups of 12 or more paid admissions. All attendees must pay as part of the group at the corresponding rate. Workshops require a minimum of 12 paid students to run.

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