Discovery Days

June 13 – Ocean Week HFX Spring Cleanup!

Ocean Bridge Volunteer- Jake Young

Jake Young is a youth volunteer with Ocean Bridge. Jake shares his love of sharks with fun facts and a fun hat! Watch and let us know what’s your favourite shark fact?!

Ocean Bridge Volunteer- Bryden Bone

Bryden Bone is a biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and he is a #OceanBridge Ambassador. Watch Bryden explain the fascinating world of octopuses (yes it is octopuses, not octopi, Bryden explains more). This video has beautiful underwater filming with lots of colours and colourful facts about a very curious creature.

Blubber Science

Discovery Centre’s Leah teaches us about blubber and how it keeps animals warm!

Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group shares their Mainland Mi’kmaq Marine Mammal Conservation Program. Read their blog post to find out more about the program and learn about what organizations are doing in Atlantic Canada to protect our marine mammals!

Discovery Centre- Natalie Quathamer

Join the Discovery Centre’s Science Educator, Natalie, in our virtual shoreline clean-up as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! Share your videos and pictures of you cleaning up your shoreline to our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Discovery Centre- Zabrina Prescott

We shape nature, and nature shapes our lives, too! Without glaciers clearing away sediment to make a naturally deep harbour (and leaving behind a few drumlins like George’s Island and Citadel Hill), Halifax wouldn’t be the major shipping and “trains”portation port that it is today and has been for hundreds of years!

Discovery Centre- Sarah Kingsbury

Freshwater ecosystems such as the Shubenacadie Watershed, play an important role in ocean ecosystems. Some oceans species use freshwater habitats to lay eggs, raise their young, as breeding sites, or feeding grounds. This is one of the many reasons that freshwater needs to be protected too! Think about all the rivers that you know about, how many of those connect to the ocean? Amazing isn’t it? Everything is connected in some way, the garbage that is thrown into the river could end up in the ocean (although it’s not great for the river either)!! This Oceans Week, help us clean up our oceans and rivers.

Discovery Days: Space
April 26th, 10:30 am

Join us virtually for Discovery Days: Space this Sunday, marking the end of this year’s International Dark Sky Week! We’ll have a collection of videos from special guests and Discovery Centre’s own Dome Theatre Presenter, on Astronomy and Space Science.

Springtime Stargazing

Explore the calming stillness of the sky from the comfort of your home with Discovery Centre’s Dome Theatre Presenter, Japna Sidhu-Brar, and discover planets, constellations and galaxies

50 Animals That Have Been to Space

From scorpions to a chimpanzee named Ham, join local authors Jennifer and John A. Read as they spotlight a few incredible animals who pioneered spaceflight and paved the way for human survival in space, from their latest book, “50 Animals that have been to Space”,   

Jennifer Read shares a passion for writing and animals and is a member of the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers. John Read completed his Astrophysics program at Saint Mary’s University. He is a telescope operator and the author of the “50 Things to See with a Telescope” series. 

Astronomy with Binoculars with RASC!

Would you like to navigate the stars like a proUncover expert tips for success at getting the most out of a pair of binoculars for night sky viewings with Tony Schellinck from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Tony Schellinck is an amateur astronomer and a member of the Halifax Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, generally referred to as RASC. For the last ten years he has been giving lectures and hosting star parties around Nova Scotia where people learn to use binoculars to find deep space objects in the night sky. This short video “Astronomy with Binoculars” explains why you should use binoculars to observe objects in the night sky, what kind of binoculars you can use, how to use them and then introduces you to some of the objects you can see in the night sky with binoculars.

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