Learning Experiences

Primary: Living Beings

Concept: Living and non-living beings

Grade P: Ramp 'n' Roll

Concept: Properties of ramps impact movement 

Grade 1: Downpour Designs

Concept: Properties of Materials for Device Construction 

Grade 2: Matter of Fact

Concept: Properties of Liquids and Solids 

Grade 3: Can you Bridge It?

Concept: Structural shapes and their strength and stability 

Grade 3: Ready, Set, Grow!

Concept: Factors that affect plant growth 

Grade 4: It's all Downhill!
Grade 4: Tune it Up

Concept: Vibration as the source of sound 

Grade 5: Can you Stomach It?

Concept: Basic structures and functions of body systems 

Grade 5: Simple and Compound Machines

Concept: Constructing simple machines  

Concept: Constructing compound machines

Grade 6: Ecstatic for Static!

Concept: Static Electricity 

Grade 6: Diversity of Life
Grade 7: All Ecosystems Go

Concept: Interconnectiveness

Grade 8: Molecules in Motion

Concept: Kinetic Molecular Theory

Grade 9: Into the Unknown

Concept: Space Exploration

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