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Discovery@Home is a new free, live, online video series to connect students with science at a time when it is needed most. These hands-on, curriculum-connected workshops for grades P – 9 will make science learning at home fun and easy. Watch Discovery@Home live, learn what materials you will need, submit questions or show off your work, and check out previous sessions in our archive below.

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Workshops Archive

Introduction and Instructions

Review how to use this page with our introduction video.

Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the wheel challenges you to build and test your own car. You’ll explore the forces of motion while you use a simple machine to help you get rolling.

Flip Code: 0b5a0074

Wiggling Worms

Learn all about red wigglers and how they move! Try moving like a worm and making your own squishy paper model.

Flip Code: 3993faf4

Buoyant Boats

Challenge yourself to create a boat that stays afloat with materials you can find. Test your engineering skills by adding weight to see how much your boat can hold before sinking!

Flip Code: f80c075c

Can You Bridge It?

Challenge yourself to construct a bridge out of materials available to you. Test how much weight your bridge can hold before you have to rebuild.

Flip Code: d3d7b2d5

Tune It Up

Investigate how sound is made and changed to make music! Use your understanding of sound to develop and play your own instrument.

Flip Code: 88b1921a

All Ecosystems Go

Discover and analyse everything required for a closed ecosystem to thrive. Work on your own sealed biosphere and take a closer look at the factors needed in living systems.

Flip Code: 4cf6bd6f

Downpour Designs

Challenge yourself to construct a shelter that will protect you in a downpour! Test your shelter by making it rain and trying to keep the people inside from getting wet.

Flip Code: 08017b46

Ecstatic for Static

Test the ability of different materials to generate static charge using your own homemade electroscope.

Flip Code: c256d11e


Test out the movement of everyday objects using ramps! Raise up your own ramp and see how different objects and materials move as they slide and roll.

Flip Code: 53a774d0

Into the Unknown

Think like an aerospace engineer and make something that’s out of this world! Using your knowledge of the Solar System, its conditions, and some engineering know-how, create a lander that can touch down on Venus.

Flip Code: 374ae9ed

Can You Stomach It?

Investigate how our bodies break down food into small, usable parts through an interactive exploration of our stomachs!

Flip Code: e0b8cc5b

Matter of Fact

Investigate liquids, solids, and mixtures and learn what really matters when creating a density tower. Explore how different liquids mix, how they interact with solids, and whether they float or sink!

Flip Code: c1c317ae

Diversity of Life

Explore the diversity of life in nature and relationships within the natural world.

Flip Code: f7f2d5d6

Through the Seasons

Discover how animals prepare for the changing seasons while making your own backyard bird feeder!

Flip Code: 70023428

School of Hard Rocks

Go on a science scavenger hunt to see what geological samples you can find! Make a case for how to classify your samples based on your observations of key features, just like a geologist would, and be ready to test your system with a final surprise sample!

Flip Code: 1dc773fd

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