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Our Love Experts

Finding Your Soulmate? Follow Your Nose! with Dr. Kimberley P. Good

Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology & Neuroscience Dalhousie University

While most of us have heard of falling in love at first sight, is it possible to do so at first sniff? Dr. Good’s presentation will describe some of the ways that humans may inadvertently use the smell to find their perfect mate. She will focus on tactics to find (and then rev up!) that special someone!
Location: Dome Theatre
Time: 7:30 & 9:00 pm

20th Anniversary Venus Envy logoTech, Toys, and Human Connection: Sex Toy Science with Venus Envy

Discover the fascinating technology behind the recent wave of cutting-edge sex toys! Learn about groundbreaking devices inspired by NASA; the field of teledildonics; and how phone sex is being redefined by app-controlled vibrators. Christine will explain how these things and more are transforming the ways we experience and ask for pleasure.
Location: Programming Rooms (Level 2)
Time: 7:40 & 9:10 pm

Lesley hartmanThe Science of Sex: Common Myths Debunked with Dr. Miranda Fudge and Dr. Kate Rancourt

Psychologists with Lesley Hartman and Associates Inc

This presentation focuses on the science behind answers to common questions we receive in our sex therapy practice. To start, we will answer most people’s first question: what in the world is sex therapy?! Second, we will use research findings to debunk some wide-spread myths about sexuality (e.g., sex is… natural). Following our presentation, we will be available to speak to and answer questions from attendees.
Location: Dome Theatre
Time: 8:15 & 9:45 pm

Human Sexuality 101: Attraction, Love and Relationships with Jenny Rand and Phillip Joy

Why do we fall in LOVE? Is it all just chemicals in our brain? Is LOVE just a social myth?  Join Jenny and Phillip to explore Attraction, Love and Relationships in a thought-provoking discussion examining patterns of attraction, how love is understood and idealized in modern society, and how the social construction of concepts of love impacts relationships. Get a glimpse into the wildly popular Human Sexuality course. This course at Dalhousie University is bursting at the seams with over 500 students and is designed to support positive integration of sexuality into the lives of individuals and to promote sexual health across the lifespan.
Location: Programming Rooms (Level 2)
Time: 8:25 & 9:50 pm

Our Love Partners & Activities

Tie the Knot with Mountain Equipment Co-op

This drop in session is knot to be missed! Learn different rope tying technics and practice perfecting them.

Let’s Talk About Sex with Dalhousie Health Promotion Students

Discover what you thought you knew about STIs, anatomy, and consent through fun games! Try your luck at winning one of our 7 toy prizes. If nothing else, stop by for some free resources such as condoms and lube. Let’s talk about sex, baby!

What’s Your Type with Canadian Blood Services

Stop by to find out your blood type, and who could be your perfect match.

Heart Dissections with Getaway Farms

Get a closer look at the organ that started it all- the heart.

One-Night-Only Planetarium Show: Star-Crossed

Romance is in the air in our planetarium – take in the beauty of a clear, dark sky as we reveal tales of passion, love and heartbreak written in the stars!
Location: Multipurpose Room (Level 1)
Time: 7:30; 8:15; 9:00; 9:45

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