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Fanning the Flame: Sexual Desire in Long-Term Relationships with
Dr. Natalie Rosen and Meghan Rossi

Couples and Sexual Health Research Laboratory

How can couples keep the spark alive when they have been together for years? Tonight’s presentation will take a look at some new ideas—rooted in scientific research—that may help couples promote sexual desire and satisfaction in their intimate relationships.
Location: Program Rooms (Level 2)
Times: 7:30 pm, 9:00 pm

20th Anniversary Venus Envy logoTech, Toys, and Human Connection: Sex Toy Science with Venus Envy

Discover the fascinating technology behind the recent wave of cutting-edge sex toys! Learn about groundbreaking devices inspired by NASA; the field of teledildonics; and how phone sex is being redefined by app-controlled vibrators. Christine will explain how these things and more are transforming the ways we experience and ask for pleasure.
Location: Programming Rooms (Level 2)
Time: 8:15 pm, 9:45 pm

Ask Liz: Non-Monogamies and Polyamory

Have questions about polyamory and non-monogamy? Not sure who to ask? Ask Liz! Liz Borden has spent the last two decades exploring various forms of ethical and consensual non-monogamous relationships. They are a mentor and educator in the ethical non-monogamy community who is completing a Master of Women and Gender Studies at SMU, as their research considers the ways representation of non-monogamies in popular culture and media are constructed.
Location: Ghosn Room (Level 3)
Times: 8:50 pm, 9:20 pm

Burlesque Dancers

This tiny siren has been gracing the East Coast stages of Burlesque since 2017. She combines inspiration from classic striptease, film, drag, theatre, and pop culture. Her love of performing continues to grow as she begins to bring her acts to new stages in new places! Dubbed Halifax’s Queen of Confused Boners. Petite and sassy, she puts the Ass in Classy.. The Lady Corbeau!

Euphoria is an experienced performer, dancer, beginner aerialist and is a member of the Neo Burlesque Troupe. She brings sass and ass to every stage she graces, just one look at her and you’ll be left in a state of intense excitement and happiness.
Times: 7:40, 8:25, 9:10, 9:55

Some of Our Love Activities

Bumpin’ Barnacle

Spending life locked to a rock makes it hard to find a date – test your adaptation skills as you bump it like barnacles with the largest penis to body ratio in the Animal Kingdom

Science of Attraction

Why do some people’s smells and voices drive you wild, while others drive you away? Explore the science behind attraction to find out the role your subconscious plays in choosing potential partners through scent and sound.

Love in the Dark

You’ll have to feel your way around.

Penis Dissections with Oulton Farms

It’s a pretty BIG deal.

One-Night-Only Planetarium Show: Cosmic Attraction

Romance is in the air in our planetarium – settle in under a blanket of stars as we uncover whirlwind tales of celestial unions across the Universe.

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