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Sky Stories/Losing the Dark- Double Feature

On April 21st and 22nd to recognize International Dark Sky Week, which raises awareness around light pollution and the importance of preserving dark skies, the Immersive Dome Theatre will be offering two experiences for the price of one – a short film by the International Dark Sky Association, “Losing the Dark” following each regularly scheduled Live Star Show (Sky Stories & Our Place in Space).

Sky Stories: Experience the myths and legends of the stars and constellations. Stories of the Night Sky is region and time specific to what you see in the current night sky, so the stories will change with the seasons!

Presenter-led Experience
All ages, 15-20 minutes

Losing the Dark: Once you have experienced the wonders of a starry night sky, learn about how human activity is washing away the beauty of the cosmos. In Losing the Dark, explore how light pollution affects our health and disrupts wildlife and find out what you can do to help keep our skies dark!

Full dome film
All ages, under 10 minutes

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