Moon Walk Weekend

Moonwalk your way into Discovery Centre to help celebrate an incredible day in history: the 50th Anniversary of our first steps on the moon! This special two-day ONLY event will feature the never-seen-before film LANDER: From Avro to Apollo! Explore the untold Canadian connection to this historic moment through the life of Canadian Engineer Owen Maynard. Take a cinematic look at Owen’s influence on groundbreaking projects from the Avro Arrow to Apollo’s lunar module, and revisit the excitement of Apollo 11’s moon landing. After the film, take part in a variety of hands-on activities exploring the moon’s orbit and cratered surface, fit to be enjoyed by all ages!

To see LANDER you must purchase dome theatre tickets. Tickets are $2.00 with the price of admission; $1.00 for members. Please check our website for show times. See the official trailer for LANDER:

Saturday July 20 ONLY: Join us at 2:00pm for a live-streamed event hosted by Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk and the Canadian Space Agency! The stream will begin in our Level 1 atrium with a focus on Apollo 11 and Canada’s future in space – including the Lunar Gateway program.

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