LANDER: From Avro to Apollo

Lander Moon FilmJuly 20 marks 50 years since humans first landed on the moon. A seemingly impossible dream realized, fueled in part by a huge, untold Canadian contribution. LANDER: From Avro to Apollo explores the life of Owen Maynard, the impact of the Avro Arrow project and its cancellation, and the genesis of the Apollo program. Follow Owen’s influence on the highs and lows of this historic program, culminating in Apollo 11’s moon landing.

At focus is the Lunar Module and the crucial role Owen played in guiding its conception. Don’t miss this cinematic documentary, with featured interviews by Owen’s son Ross Maynard, Commander of Apollo 10 Gen. Thomas Stafford, Canadian Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, and other key figures from space exploration’s history and future.

Enjoy a variety of hands-on activities exploring our moon, its orbit, and its cratered surface before and after the film!

Length: 32 minutes

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