Cyberhive Immersive Screening

This immersive experience created by Ruth Marsh is a stop-motion, 360-degree video with original music and sound design by Jeremy Costello. The presentation will invite viewers to enter into a technologically altered, large-scale beehive.
Film Length: 15 minutes
Recommended age: 13+

Originally created through an IOTA residency for the Seadome (Halifax NS), this cinematic experience will run at Discovery Centre May 15-June 15, 2019.

Ruth is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist of settler ancestry based out of Kjipuktuk,(Halifax, NS, Canada). Her practice employs an absurdist approach which seeks to queer the intersections between DIY culture, art making, and science fact/fiction/fabulation to address memory, healing, and cybernetic interconnection in both bodies and environments. She approaches her practice from a perspective which is part mad scientist and part devoted repair technician and through processes which are inherently labour intensive, repetitive, and painstaking. She is interested in playfully exploring the ways in which modalities of labour can translate into a study of both enacted care and hopeful mourning.

Immerse your senses in the transcendent discipline of Bio Art. IOTA’s Bio Art Series continues this spring with a collection of talks, workshops, and exhibitions designed to bring Bio Art into public and accessible forums. Get curious and explore artistic and research practices, interdisciplinary challenges, and the social implications of Bio Art through this free series of events running in May 2019.

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