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Science Inclusion Facilitator (Co-op Position)

Department:  Discovery Centre Science Education
Supervisor:  Manager, Science Education and Programming
Position Category:  Full Time Summer Contract
Starting Salary:  $15/Hour
Start Date: April 15, 2019
Working Hours:  35 hours per week
Application Date: by April 22, 2019

Position Summary:

The main objective of the job is to enhance the camp experience for attendees with intellectually and developmental needs.  Work as part of the camp counsellor team to co-develop and deliver hands-on science activities for camp participants (ages 6 -12) of varied abilities.  Maintain respect and confidentiality while considering the needs of exceptional learners as necessary.   Establish a welcoming environment where all campers can grow their interest in sciences.

Description of Tasks:

The Inclusion Camp Counsellor works in the Science Education department under the supervision of the Manager of Science Education and Programming and the Science Camp Leader. The primary tasks are:

  1.  develop and deliver meaningful science education and recreation experiences appropriate for campers with disabilities aged 6-12
  2. supervise while taking responsibility for safety and enjoyment
  3. maintain a clean and safe work area
  4. support inclusion in camp as well as in 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 ratios based on individual needs
  5. knowledge and physical ability to provide a wide range of care; including possible feeding, and restroom support


Enrolled in school of a related discipline at a college or university level.  Experience in child supervision, preferably in an educational, recreational, museum or camp setting. Experience facilitating inclusion in a previous setting.  Fluency in English is essential. Discovery Centre is an equal opportunity employer.


Please submit your resume to . Your resume and cover letter plus references needs to be combined into one document and be either a PDF or WORD format for consideration.

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