Sparks, Brownies and Guides

Sparks, Brownie, Pathfinders and Guide groups choose one of the programs listed below as part of their evening programs.


Star Stories 
Step inside our immersive dome theatre and take in the clear night sky projected all around you. Our presenter will take you on a tour of the planets that are visible from Nova Scotia this evening, before pointing out the constellations and telling their stories.

Live Star Show | 25 minutes


Trailblazing Experiments
Experience four different activities inspired by the research of early scientists in this hands-on workshop. From biology to physics, we’ll give you the chance to experiment and explore.

Workshop| 45 minutes


Star Bound – live star show
Step inside our immersive dome theatre and take in the clear night sky projected all around you. We’ll take you on a journey through our solar system and share how astronomers uncover the stories of the stars.

Length: 25 minutes

Energy Engineers – workshop
Explore the fundamentals of energy as we take a short guided tour of our energy gallery, before stepping into one of our programming rooms to tackle two challenges. We’ll give you the materials and inspiration you need to design, build and test your own working flashlight.

Length: 45 minutes


The Final Frontier – live star show
Using the power of our immersive dome theatre, this show will take you on a tour of the most interesting galactic phenomena with a focus on current space exploration.

Length: 25 minutes

Speed Science – workshop
One of the best things about learning something new is sharing it with others! In groups, Scouts take on a series of activities in the fields of archeology, geology, zoology and physics. Then each group is challenged to teach another group one of the activities. This session is perfect to learn new ideas and skills and develop confidence presenting to others.

Length: 45 minutes


  • Youth: $6.50 +HST
  • Adult: $7.00 +HST

To book a group evening, please contact:

Ruth Munro, Visitor Experience Coordinator

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