DC Makes: Maker In Residence

Meet our new Maker-In-Residence, Mike McGraw!Maker in Residence

Mike is a software developer, hobbyist game designer and technology workshop facilitator. He has over 15 years of experience working in the IT industry as a software developer and game designer. Mike enjoys creating drawings as well as other creative artifacts. He is a self-described gamer nerd and his favourite computer language is C#. You can find Mike in the Michelin Corporate Foundation Innovation Lab every Monday!

Mike’s Maker-In-Residence Project

Discovery Centre visitors of all ages are invited to drop by and collaborate as we create a video game about the lives and stories of a community of robot fish, living in a virtual fish tank (a large computer monitor).

Each robot fish is a unique individual, with likes, dislikes, physical and emotional characteristics, aspirations, needs, and other things. Being robots, they can be reprogrammed by visitors. Being individuals, they also have characteristics that cannot be easily altered. Visitors can suggest all sorts of characteristics for the robot fish throughout the development of the game. These characteristics could be important, interesting, or just simply entertaining.

How do you think these fish interact, when asked to share a closed environment with limited resources? What problems might emerge? What social patterns might emerge? The finished game product will provide visitors with an opportunity to explore, through touch-screen interface, how modifying game parameters (variables) of the individuals in the tank (system) can affect the group dynamics of the tank as a whole.

Want to be our next Maker in Residence?

Do you have a wild idea you want to bring to life and share with the public?

The Discovery Centre invites you to apply to the DC MAKES: Maker in Residence program. Part maker, part mentor, the Maker in Residence is a uniquely creative and motivated innovator who works over 3 months to complete an inspiring project in the Michelin Corporate Foundation Innovation Lab.

Discovery Centre’s Maker in Residence, an initiative of the DC MAKES program, is made possible through the generous support of Wade Dawe.

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