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Featured Exhibit

Get in the Game!

Game Changers is on now until September 10th.

The fascinating world of video games is yours to explore in Game Changers, the Discovery Centre’s newest featured exhibit! From memorable Pong, Super Mario Bros. and Zelda, to the virtual reality experiences of today’s gameplay, this journey of creativity, technology, and design is immersive, interactive and playful. Don’t miss the chance to operate a supersized Nintendo controller, test your knowledge of retro video game music, and view original concept art, storyboards and scripts from some of the most influential games ever developed.

Game Changers highlights include:

  • Explore over 120 noteworthy video games, from past to present
  • Play hit games like Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Angry Birds, Space Invaders, Flower and Adventure
  • Learn about game development technology
  • Examine the exciting potential of gaming in the future
Game Changers
Game Changers
Game Changers

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