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Open now until November 30

QUANTUM: The Exhibition premiered October 14, 2016 at THEMUSEUM in Toronto and was produced by the Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo. This ground breaking exhibition was selected as part of the Signature Initiative of the Government of Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration, INNOVATION150, which celebrates 150 years of Canadian innovation.

Quantum is all around us and is the study of how our world works on a micro-level. The Exhibition delves into the worlds of quantum mechanics, information technology, science and technology and the future of quantum while showcasing immersive and interactive elements. The exhibition also showcases Canada’s expertise in the numerous fields of quantum physics.

Here are some concepts visitors can expect: 

Quantum Mechanics ‘101’

Engage with the core concepts of quantum mechanics through interactive displays and games – meet Schrödinger’s cat in superposition, try your hand at the famous double slit experiment and solve our laser maze!

Quantum Information Science and Technologies

Get a hands-on look at ways quantum is poised to transform the technologies of our future – from healthcare to communications to information security.

This exhibition will be featured in the WILSONS Featured Exhibit Gallery at the Discovery Centre from October 14-November 30.

The Innovation 150 Festival is also a Signature Initiative of the Government of Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration. To learn more, click here.


CTV Morning Live’s Heidi Petracek joins Martin Laforest, Senior Manager, Scientific Outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) in Halifax for a look inside QUANTUM: The Exhibition to learn more about the “Levitating Train” experiment.

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