RBC Someday Street RBC Someday Street

RBC Someday Street

The RBC Someday Street is a magical place for toddlers and young children to imagine, invent, discover and learn in a safe, full-bodied play environment. Here, kids engage in immersive play in a variety of settings. Parents can choose to jump in and play along or sit back, relax and watch the fun unfold in the visitors’ lounge.

Suggested age: 8 and under

Take a stroll down the street and discover:

  • The Town Clock: Explore the many ways we tell time.
  • Construction Zone: Build. Destroy. Repeat.
  • The Toddler Port: The perfect place to discover all your senses.
  • Family Farm: Milk a cow, plant a garden, and ride a tractor.
  • The Market: Have fun as a shopper, cashier or restocking clerk!
  • Music Studio: Experiment with sound, while writing, recording and listening to your own song!.
  • Theatre – Become an actor, director, stage manager or conductor and put on a show!
  • Art Studio: Explore colours, patterns and shapes.
  • Health Centre: Play a doctor or nurse and give a stuffy its check-up and medical care.
  • Bubble Park: A classic favourite brought back for even more bubble fun!
Under Construction!

The construction-themed play zone within our top-level Children’s Gallery is currently being renovated. In the meantime, the rest of the Gallery remains open for fun! We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as our new and improved construction area is complete!

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