Corporate Recess

Bring your staff to the Discovery Centre for an exceptional team-building experience. With interactive programs led by STEAM facilitators, your team will quickly learn creative problem-solving techniques and communication skills that will enhance performance.

A Windy Problem

Groups are given tokens/money and must decide what materials, tools, research, consultants and test time they need to purchase, in order to build a working wind turbine.

Groups can trade items, members, materials and testing time, and share research with each other as they see fit.

The group with the most powerful wind turbine will be declared the winner.

Team takeaway: Creative problem solving
Location: Innovation Lab
Length: 2 hours
Participants: 10-40
Staff complement: 1-2

Communication Breakdown

In this programming challenge, our lab is divided in two: on one side are Sphero robots and the challenge zone, on the other side are iPads and programmers.

Each person on the team has a distinct role: one programs the Sphero, one watches and resets the Sphero and one acts as go between.

Team members will switch roles throughout session and as people develop better understanding of each role, their team performance should improve.

Team takeaway: Communication
Location: Innovation Lab
Length: 2 hours
Participants: 6-24
Staff complement: 1-2

Outbreak NS

As a pandemic sweeps across Nova Scotia, teams must identify patient zero to locate the source of the outbreak, run DNA analysis, and develop and test a vaccine.

With tight timelines and a virus mutation, this is one scenario where participants will truly feel the pressure to succeed.

Team takeaway: Performing in stressful situations
Location: Program labs, second floor
Length: 2 hours
Participants: 8-32
Staff complement: 1-2

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