Dino Doo-Doo

Featured Party
This Brilliant Birthday party theme was inspired by the Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family exhibition, and will be available until the end of 2017.
Recommended Age
Could you be a master at digging into a dinosaur’s prehistoric meal? Here you’ll become party palaeontologists and study the world of ancient animals, including dinosaurs! Learn how palaeontologists used fossilized dinosaur teeth, bones, skin, and even dinosaur droppings (yes, poop) to make amazing dino discoveries. Better yet, you and your palaeo pals will have the chance to make your very own dinosaur poo…and take it home too!
Party Details
Our Birthday Party host will greet you at our admissions desk and help guide you and your birthday party guests to your private room and make sure you have everything you need for the next hour. This is your time to eat, drink and open presents! At the end of your private room time, your host will take over and lead your guests through the Dino Doo-Doo program. Once your activity is complete, your guests can explore the Discovery Centre’s many exhibits. Best of all, we do the cleanup!
Members receive a 15% discount!

$200+tax for initial 10 party guests & 5 adults

  • Additional guest: $16+tax
  • Additional Adult: $7+tax
Food Options
Make it a pizza party with freshly delivered Tomovinos large cheese or pepperoni pizza! Only $18.50+tax per pizza.
Good to Know
What’s provided: Juice boxes, water jug, plastic glasses, cake slicer, candles, lighter, plates, napkins

Timing: Parties can last between 2-3 hours in total. One hour in the party room, 30-minute demonstration and ~1.5 hours of self-guided exploration of the Discovery Centre.

Maximum Capacity: Total of 30 people (includes birthday child, guests and adults)

Parking: Available in the surrounding areas on the Halifax Waterfront and Seaport Market. Great resource for downtown parking: Click here!

Child/Adult Ratio
We recommend a 1:2 adult ratio for this birthday party to help facilitate and organize the party guests during private room time, activities and exploration of the Discovery Centre.

Disclaimer: Please note that our staff are not responsible to care for your children. We highly recommend insuring that you meet the child to parent ratio to help facilitate the exploration of the centre, as well as your time in the private party room and during the party activities.

Please note at that pricing is subject to an additional 15% tax on all applicable costs.

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