Science on the Road

Discover how our award-winning Science on the Road program can make a difference in your classroom. No matter where you are in Nova Scotia, our trained and talented educators will make learning fun through hands-on experiences tailored to all grades. All workshops are between 30-60 minutes in length, curriculum-connected, and informative, inspiring and interactive. A maximum limit of 30 students per session is required.

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Grades P

Ramp It Up!

What factors improve an object’s ability to roll or slide? Engage your whole class in this 30-minute workshop exploring friction and motion. Students will build, test and design their own ramps, while comparing and contrasting different materials and learning the factors that influence how objects roll and slide.


Science Primary: Explore Objects and Materials

Grade 1

Storm Structures

Students learn the needs and characteristics of living things by focusing on homes. Given a variety of materials, groups are challenged to work together to design and construct homes that will weather an oncoming storm, keeping inhabitants safe, dry, and happy. This fun and fast-paced 45-minute workshop brings creativity, innovation and critical thinking to life.


Science 1: Constructing Objects & Living Things

Grade 2-3

We’re Wheely Moving

How can we make something move? What simple machines are essential for rolling and how do they work? We’re Wheely Moving challenges students to work as a group to complete two engineering tasks in the 45-minute session. This workshop about relative motion has students thinking about design and purpose.


Science 2 - Physical Science: Motion

Science 3 - Physical Science: Materials and Structures and Invisible Forces

Grade 3

May the Forces be With You!

Invisible forces are all around us. In this 1-hour workshop, students learn what causes these pushes and pulls. Magnets are used to explore polarity and static electricity is also explored as our Van der Graaf generator provides students with a shocking experience.


Science 3: Invisible Forces

Grade 4

Geology Rocks!

The rock cycle, 3 main rocks categories, and the many uses of rocks and minerals come to life in this 1-hour workshop.  Students use real rock samples as they undergo investigations and gain insights into the Earth and it’s abundance of rocks


Science 4: Rocks, minerals and erosion

Grade 4

Facts of Light

This workshop introduces the visible light spectrum, as well as the speed and properties of light. Each “fact of light” is paired with hands-on experiments to prove science can brighten up your day!


Science 4 - Physical Science: Light

Grade 5

Slimy Science

Be prepared to get slimed as we explore the properties of matter. Students get messy as they conduct experiments on physical and chemical changes to matter. This 1-hour workshop has a fun take home for students.


Science 5: Chemical and Physical Properties

Grade 5-6

What's the Alternative?

Put weather to work by exploring renewal energy in Nova Scotia in this build and design workshop. Learn about the inner workings of wind turbines and use your knowledge of forces to engineer and test blades that will drive a real electric generator.


Science 5 & 6: Energy

Grade 6

Electric Odyssey

Explore current and static electricity in this jam-packed 1-hour workshop. Groups of students are challenged to hook up simple, series and parallel circuits on our circuit boards. Students get an up close look at how positive static electricity can be.


Science 6: Electricity

Grade 7

Beneath the Surface: Exploring the Deep

In this game, each team will use a set of rocks and minerals, with each question in the game corresponding to one of the materials. Students must answer questions like name, composition, type, use or do an experiment with it.


Grade 7: Earth’s Crust

Grade 8

Beneath the Surface: Oceans

The main focus of this game is building students’ knowledge of oceans. Questions centre around the tides, energy exchanges in the ocean, species and the ocean as an environment. At the end, students learn about by catch and participate in a by-catch challenge.


Grade 8: Water Systems

Grade 8-12

Tide to Technology

Tide to Technology provides students with an introduction to ocean sciences and technology-related careers in Nova Scotia and across the world. Circulating through interactive and informative hands-on stations, students explore marine geomatics, ROVs, marine acoustics, and ocean technology-related careers through trivia.


This workshop is offered for free
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Grade 8-12: Water Systems & STSE


NEW! Whole School Demo

How did that happen?” This 45 minute presentation is full of the spellbinding experiments, with results that will defy student expectations.  Disappearing water, “Invisible Glue”, burning money, and so much more!  Designed to get large audiences interested in the science behind magic, and the magic behind science



Portable Digital Planetarium

Be amazed by our NEW portable digital planetarium as it displays realistic images of the cosmos. Stare into distant galaxies, marvel at the Milky Way, and be entertained by constellations and planets like never before. This Science Educator-led presentation can engage all ages, from pre-primary students to members of the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada, with content tiered to curriculum and group interests.


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